TRAMIN2018 Meeting

TRAMIN2018 is an international and interdisciplinary conference focussing on the « Social and Environmental trajectories of mining territories ». The meeting will be held in Chambéry and Le-bourget-du-Lac on October 2018 15 to 17. A post-meeting excursion in the Maurienne Valley will take place on October 18th.


TRAMIN2018 will bring together researchers from various and diverse scientific communities, all having a strong interest in mines and mining territories. This meeting aims at bringing together geological, geographical, historical, sociological, legal, anthropological, economic, and environmental approaches, especially by putting in perspective the role of mining activities and their social and environmental impact on communities' development, and transformation and conversion of their territories.

The TRAMIN2018 meeting is therefore in the first place a forum for interacting and exchanging, by the use of multi disciplinary approaches, in order to better understand the social and environmental trajectories of current and/or past mining territories.

Finally, the main objective of the conference is to be able to identify territorial development strategies adapted to the challenges of sustainable developments in these territories.


TRAMIN2018 intends:

  1. to decompartmentalize disciplines and highlight the added value of an integrated and cross-disciplinary approach;
  2. to compare experiences from former mining countries where mines are closed, with those of countries with large or developing operations.
  3. to integrate the notions of sustainable development in relation with mining territories, in combining economic, social and environmental geology. This will include establishing strategies for mining territories' development, taking into account the concepts of inheritance and socio-environmental trajectories.
  4. to federate an interdisciplinary community, at the national and international levels, aiming to set up joint research projects.

A special issue gathering the contributions of the participants will be published in an interdisciplinary journal (e.g., The Extractive Industries and Society).


WARNING. Registration to the conference will be validated only after payment of registration fees.



- Magali Rossi - Earth Sciences - EDYTEM, Universite Savoie Mont-Blanc (France)

- Marie Forget - Geography - EDYTEM, Universite Savoie Mont-Blanc (France)

- Estelle Camizuli - Envrionmental Sciences - EDYTEM, Universite Savoie Mont-Blanc (France)

- Yann Gunzburger - Geotechnics - GeoRessources, Universite de Lorraine (France)

- Agnes Samper - LabEx RESSOURCES21, Universite de Lorraine (France)

- Kristina Maud Bergeron - Political Sciences - Universite du Quebec à Montreal (Canada)

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